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The Whole Universe



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Decipher your Subconscious Mind, and connect with your Higher Self 

When we dream, our subconscious mind reveals to us our deepest thoughts, needs, desires, fears, and much more!

Keeping a record of them, and analyzing them can help us to understand ourselves in a more meaningful, and profound way.

That's why this Digital Dream Journal will walk you through:

  • Tips to have Better Sleep Quality 
  • A Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams by Yourself
  •  Most Common Meanings for Some Dreams
  • Tips to Remember Your Dreams

★ This journal was hand-painted digitally in Procreate with Unique Cosmic Art by Paula Hincapie 

Main Features:

  • Created for iPad
  • Undated (You can use it again and again)
  • Long Dream Template (Not limit of space to record your long dreams)
  • Space for Sketching your dream
  • Separate section for Special Details/Highlights of your dream
  • Tune in with your emotions during, and after dreaming
  • Interpretation Section
  • Hyperlinked Journal
  • Use it with GoodNotes & Notability
  • 103 Pages in total, 90 of them dedicated to record your dreams
  • Instant Download


  •  Get a Hyperlinked PDF Dream Journal + an Instruction PDF
  •  Support a small artist :)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. You will not receive any physical elements with this purchase, nothing will be physically shipped to you.

With love,
Paula H ♥

TERMS OF USE: Please note that this product is for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. It is strictly prohibited to sell, or distribute the whole original files or part of them. Any violation of the TERMS OF USE will be treated as a copyright infringement, and legal actions will be taken.

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